Shab-e-Miraj to be observed today

Shab-e-Mairaj-un-Nabi (Peace Be Upon Him) will be observed with great respect and religious fervour.

The Muslims every year on 27th of Rajab (Islamic calendar) observe Shab-e-Miraj in which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) went on a special journey to meet Allah Almighty, crossing seven skies on the heavenly animal named al-Buraq. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) continued his heavenly tour until he reached close to the Throne of Allah Almighty and attained the utmost nearness to Him.

After drinking from the Divine fountain of spiritual knowledge he came down to impart knowledge to mankind. On that Night of Ascent, Allah Almighty also gave the order of the five daily Salat (Prayers) as being mandatory upon Muslims.

Faithful will gather at mosques after Isha to offer special prayers that will continue till Fajr, while different gatherings and Mahafil-e-Naat will be arranged to mark the holy night. Ulema and religious scholars will highlight the teachings and various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The houses, streets and specially mosques will be decorated with colorful lights, candles and oil lamps. Besides, people visit graves of their near and dear ones, seeking Allah Almighty’s blessings for the departed souls.


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