Turbat bus firing victims’ 18 bodies shifted to Karachi Edhi Center

Turbat bus firing victims’ 18 dead bodies have been shifted today to Edhi Center in Karachi for burial.

Dead bodies of bus firing victims were moved by Edhi Ambulances from Turbat to cold storage of Edhi Center near Sohrab Goth in Karachi.

After arrival of the dead bodies, a collective funeral prayer for all deceased was offered at the Edhi Center. Abdul Sattar Edhi, Chairman of Edhi Foundation, and a large number of people present on the occasion attended it.

According to Edhi sources, these dead bodies will be kept at the Edhi cold storage for identification this day.

The identified dead bodies will be handed over to their heirs and the remaining unidentified corpse will be buried as Amanat (kept as others’ belongings) in Edhi Graveyard tomorrow.

Abdul Sattar Edhi felt very sad after seeing bus firing victims’ dead bodies, at the time of arrived from Turbat. He turned very weak and faint for some time immediately after offering funeral prayers of the deceased.

Later on, he recovered after receiving quick medical assistance.


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