Kim Kardashian baby girl’s name: what social media says?


 American socialite, television personality and occasional actress Kim Kardashian has given a birth to a baby girl.

Kim Kardashian and her rapper boyfriend Kanye West were keeping silent Sunday in the wake of multiple reports that Kardashian has given birth over the weekend, about a month premature.

But Kardashian’s sister Khloe appears to have let a rather cryptic cat out of the bag on Twitter. “I can not even begin 2describe the miracle that is now apart of our family. Mommy/baby are healthy &resting. We appreciate all of the love,” she tweeted Sunday.

People around the globe also seem very keen to know the name of Kim Kardashian’s baby girl.

What people say on Twitter:

Not knowing the name has a lot of people in agony. “It’s actually killing me that I don’t know the name of Kim Kardashian’s baby,” @gabarrattsmith wrote. Literally!

 And though many people are just asking @kimkardashian herself what the name is, we have a feeling that she might be a little busy right now, so many proactive cyber socialites thought of their own.

“Kim Kardashian’s baby girl’s name ? Kilogram? Kilometer?Kandy? Kollection? #LOL,” tweeter @official_obena wrote, jibing with the Kardashian family’s obsession with K names (Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney…).

“Hey @KimKardashian and @kanyewest, great Armenian baby name, Knar, it means Lyre or Harp,” wrote the helpful @nairilaw, keeping in mind Kim’s Armenian heritage. Similarly, @ChristinaDemirj suggested: “Imagine #Kim #Kardashian naming her baby an #Armenian name like Manoushag or Baydzarig !”

 One Twitter user wanted to take a little inspiration from her self. “Kim should deffo name her baby girl Kayleigh as that is also my name :D@KimKardashian,” @KardashianJayy said.

Our buddy @PerezHilton had ideas of his own, even pulling out Kanye’s late mother’s name as an offer. “Is anybody taking bets yet on the name of @KimKardashian & @kanyewest’s baby? My money’s on #Donda or #KueenWest!”

@BrianCrimson decided to get a little cheeky with his hip-hop geekdom and tweeted this idea: “Kim Kardashian should name the baby ‘Go’. Then it would be ‘Go West’ like the Pet Shop Boys song #genius.”

 With all the good ideas out there, why not simplify things a little? Funny guy @LiaamMcKinna did just that. “I think Kim Kardashian should name her baby Fred..” All right.

And then, of course, there were the downright absurd names. After all, anything can happen in the virtual world. “You know Kim Kardashian is gonna name her baby something ridiculous. Like Tostitos or Mascara or something,” @jtkola mused jokingly.


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