Jolie bravely underwent process of surgery: doctor


 Angelina Jolie s doctor Kristi Funk has revealed that the actress couldn t keep her surgery a secret.


Funk, who treated the 38-year-old Oscar winning actress in Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills, said that the actress was very brave to embark upon this journey.


Jolie had decided to undergo a double mastectomy in 2013 after genetic tests showed her to have a high risk of developing breast cancer. The  Changeling  actress  mother, Marcheline Bertrand, had died at the age of 56 in 2007, after suffering from ovarian cancer.


Funk said that Jolie waited for the perfect timing in her personal and professional life and most importantly in her soul to tell the world what she had done.
She said that Jolie is an intensely private person, but she planned the moment when she would be ready to reveal something which was this personal.


Funk said that Jolie s honesty about the surgery has helped raise awareness and got people talking about breast cancer and the faulty gene, BRCA1 and BRCA2, which might be the cause behind it.


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