Javed Hashmi’s attitude can hurt his reputation: Imran Khan

Javed Hashmi's attitude can hurt his reputation Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said on Wednesday that party president Javed Hashmi’s attitude can hurt his reputation and efforts for the sake of democracy, Dunya News reported.
Khan said he doesn’t know why Javed Hashmi is concerned, adding that he hasn’t heard from Hashmi on the correspondence yet.
PTI delegate comprising Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed, Umar Dar and Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday left for Multan on a special plane to convince PTI president Javed Hashmi to stay in the protest movement dubbed ‘Azadi March’.
The delegate left upon direction from the party leadership after an informal session chaired by Imran Khan took place at Zaman Park area Lahore.
The delegate that has already left for Multan will make the efforts to address Javed Hashmi’s concerns and to convince him to remain a part of the long march.
The plan is also to bring Javed Hashmi to Lahore through the special flight from Multan.
It merits mentioning here that reports about Javed Hashmi detaching himself from the long march movement emerged earlier today.
Hashmi while talking to the media in Multan said that he will not allow anyone to usurp the rights of Pakistani citizens, adding that the democracy is a part of his faith and no judge or general shall be allowed to take charge of the government, he added. President PTI further elaborated that he would sacrifice his life to stop any intrusions of martial law in the country.
Javed Hashmi stated that and there is no other way to solve issues of the citizens but democracy.
Hashmi further stated that he is a part of PTI and is always in on party’s consultation however he has his differences on a lot of issues.
Senior party leaders of PTI have dismissed the reports of differences within the party.
He said that he would be announcing his decision with regards to the Azadi March in a press conference in the evening.


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