Jemima worried for Imran Khan

Jemima worried for Imran Khan Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of PTI chief Imran Khan, has said that she is worried for him after receiving news of firing on his vehicle in Gujranwala town of Punjab.

“Update please from anyone on the protest march? We’re worried here,” Jemima Khan said in her message on Twitter.

Her message came hours after clashes erupted in Gujranwala today following shots were allegedly fired at Khan’s container during his ‘Azadi March’ towards Islamabad.

Khan, who is leading thousands of his supporters to the federal capital, remained safe in firing; however, violence subsequently erupted in the city between PTI and PML-N supporters, turning the area into battlefield.

The rally is on its way to Islamabad and is likely to reach there by tonight.

Forty-year-old Jemima, an English journalist, heiress and campaigner, wedded Imran Khan in May 1995 in Paris.

The marriage ended after nine years in 2004 when Khan announced to divorce her “because it was difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan.”

They have two kids – Sulaiman Khan and Qasim Khan.


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