Imran Khan announces to lead procession into Red Zone 'peacefully' Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has announced that he will himself lead the Azadi March into the red Zone tomorrow (Monday). He said that he will remain at the front and if Police will fire, then he will be the first in the line of fire.
Speaking at Azadi March, Imran Khan said that Civil Disobedience Movement created some confusion last night. He said he wanted to clear the air about it first. Imran Khan said that Civil Disobedience Movement was the best way to bring Nawaz sharif down. Giving examples of the successful disobedience movements from history, Imran Khan said that the Americans won freedom from the British through Civil Disobedience Movement.
“If Nawaz Sharif escapes to Lahore instead of Islamabad, then there is no other way for us but to start Civil Disobedience Movement against the government”, said Chairman PTI.
“We want a democracy in which merit rules”, said Imran Khan. He said that Nawaz Sharif did not find anyone other than his brother for being Chief Minister of Punjab (Shahbaz Sharif). He said Nawaz could not find anyone other than his nephew (Abid Sher Ali) for Ministry of Water and Power. Imran Khan said Prime Minister was unable to find anyone other than his daughter (Maryam Nawaz Sharif) for heading the 100-billion-rupees Youth Loan Program.
Imran said that he didn’t want a bloody revolution in the country. He reminded of Pakistan Muslim League (N)’s attack on the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He said he did not want any bloodshed like that.
Chairman PTI announced that he will lead the procession towards Red Zone tomorrow. He said Police will have to decide if it wanted to fire at Imran Khan or not. “World will see the real strength of Pakistani people tomorrow”, said Imran.

Imran asked everyone in the sit-in to promise that they will remain peaceful. He also asked all the segments of the society to join his march tomorrow.