Qadri asks supporters to besiege Parliament

Qadri asks supporters to besiege ParliamentDr Tahriul Qadri, Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Wednesday directed his followers to lay a siege of the Parliament House as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was attending a session of the National Assembly.

“Don’t let anybody go inside or come outside of the Parliament,” he told his charged supporters.

Qadri asked his workers not to confront personnel of the Pakistan Army in anyway whatsoever, saying anybody who does that will be expelled from the PAT.

“Everybody should chant Pak Fauj Zindabad,” he ordered.

He reiterated his demand for resignation of the government and dissolution of assemblies

“Sharif brothers should quit and assemblies should be dissolved before my followers go out of my hold and sweep away their rule. I can’t control them anymore…” said the PAT chief emerging from his luxury shipping container outside the Parliament House in Islamabad’s Red Zone.

Qadri acknowledged cheers of his jubilant supporters and briefly spoke to them.

“The Sharif’s have no moral authority to be in power now. They are illegally occupying power… So I’m giving them a deadline without any timeframe,” said Qadri.

After announcement of Qadri, PAT workers in a large number blocked the main cabinet division gate to block any entry and exit from the National Assembly.


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