Islamabad says no deal on N-missile programme

Islamabad says no deal on N-missile programmePrime Minister Miyaan Mohammad Nawaz Sharif will categorically tell Washington that Islamabad will not compromise in any manner on its indigenous nuclear and missile technology.

Source close to these high-level discussions, revealed that the US wants to offer a deal which, if accepted, would seriously compromise Pakistan’s defence and security capabilities.

As per sources, Washington wanted to offer nuclear energy deal to Islamabad but in return was desirous of blocking and hurting Pakistan’s nuclear and missile technology.

Pakistan’s exceptional achievements in the field of nuclear and missile technology are seriously aching its enemies, including India.

There has been a complete consensus between the civilian and military leadership that Islamabad will not fall into any trap meant to undo what has been achieved in decades. “We don’t need nuclear energy deal with Washington at the cost of our defence and security,” the source said, adding that Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programme is indigenous and is reflective of the country’s policy of minimum deterrence.

“Whatever we have acquired and developed is from our own resources and without any help from others,” the source said, adding that Washington will be clearly told that our programme is in response to India, which always has its evil eye on Pakistan.

It was also decided to tell the US that Pakistan would not accept any country specific concessions but would welcome criteria based concessions.

To save embarrassments for both the sides, Pakistan’s position has been clearly conveyed to US administration before Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reaches Washington for his meeting with Obama.


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