Your Facebook activity reveals your insecurity

Your Facebook activity reveals your insecurityAfter the revelation that those who feverishly post selfies on Facebook are the most narcissistic among your friends. But what would one say about those who frequently appear on your news feed but not for posting selfies but for posting status, wall posts etc.

A new study conducted by Union College, New York has revealed that those kind of Facebook users who are actively engaged on the social media are mainly insecure in their relationships, and they do that for the order to get attention.

The study comprised two surveys of almost 600 people having the ages from 18 to 83 who were asked questions about their close relationships and their Facebook activities.

Findings of the study are that there are two kinds of active Facebook users, people who are higher in attachment anxiety and people who are higher in extroversion. Those who were higher in attachment anxiety displayed the ‘feedback seeking’ on the site as the study calls it. In simple words they need reassurance from their peers.

They claim to feel much better about themselves after getting a lot of comments, likes and other feedback on their posts and worse about themselves when their Facebook activity invites little attention.

For extroverts, researchers of the study expect answers from some future research. Nonetheless, the study provides the information that extrovert’s reasons for using Facebook are different from those of emotionally attached individuals.


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