Geeta will go back to India on October 26

Geeta will go back to India on October 26Deaf-mute Indian woman who accidentally crossed over to Pakistan around 15 years ago will go back to India on October 26, 2015.

Wife of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Bliquis Edhi and four other members of Edhi foundation will accompanied Geeta. Indian Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Vikas Swarup said that all the members of Edhi Foundation will treated as state guests.

“We will do a DNA test to establish conclusive proof of relation with the family Geeta has identified. If the test is positive, we will hand over Geeta to the family. Else we have identified institutions where she can be taken care of,” he added.

Government of Pakistan, Pakistani media and Edhi Foundation tried everything to find the family of Indian girl Geeta but on other hand Indian extremist party giving threats to Pakistani artists and players.

23-year-old Geeta was adopted by the Edhi Foundation s Bilquees Edhi and lives with her in Karachi. Geeta identified her father, step-mother and siblings from a photograph sent to her by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.


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