Meera appears in a poor man’s fantasy for B-town comedy film

Meera appears in a poor man's fantasy for B-town comedy filmMeera seems to be following a new policy of secrecy.

After suddenly disclosing that she’s directing a film, for which she’s already shot scenes in Paris and New York, another project of hers has come to light.

Meera did an item song for the just released Bollywood comedy Bumper Draw. When did she sneak off to India to shoot that, we wonder!

She did pick up the Best Actress Award for her role in Hotal at the Delhi Film Festival, so maybe the makers of Bumper Draw thought they could cash in on her star power for their otherwise B-grade movie.

The item song, titled ‘Lukkhe Baray Aate Hain’, has been sung by ‘Munni Badnaam Hai’ singer Mamta Sharma, and features Meera grooving with comedian Rajpal Yadav. Watch the video here:

In Bumper Draw, Rajpal (as Farooq) befriends Sunderlal (played by Peepli Live actor Omkar Das Manikpuri) under some strange circumstances. Their situation gets complicated by the arrival of an elderly Parsi gentleman, and thus ensues a comedy of errors.

Meera’s item song appears to be Rajpal’s escape from his his sorry ‘poor boy’ reality — the song repeatedly draws comparisons between his fantasies about living it up and his actual lifestyle that falls quite short of his pipe dreams. In the end, the skimpily dressed Meera also ends up being a figment of his imagination.

Poor Rajpal! Who wouldn’t want someone as wild and unpredictable as Meera to jazz up their life?


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