Pakistani girl raises $10,000 for school in Karachi

Pakistani girl raises $10,000 for school in KarachiPakistani girl Hamna Zubair is taking part in the New York City Marathon on Sunday to raise funds for a Citizen’s Foundation (TCF)-run school for an entire academic year, Express Tribune reported.

“With your help, I’d like to run the New York Marathon to raise enough money to fund a TCF school in need for an entire academic year. This will enable almost 200 children to be able to continue their education,” Hamna Zubair appealed on the fundraiser site Indiegogo.

The New York City Marathon 2015 prize purse totals a guaranteed $705,000, with potential time bonuses. The men’s and women’s champions will each receive $100,000.

Speaking about the school, she said, “Next year the school’s enrollment is expected to surge from 176 students to 194, all of whom will benefit from this donation. The campus has a female enrollment of 47%. This demonstrates the high level of importance given to female education by the community.”

Further, she explained that The Citizen’s Foundation was one of Pakistan’s leading non-profit organisations in the field of formal education. “As of 2015, TCF has established 1060 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrollment of 165,000 students. TCF is recognised internationally, with chapters across the globe.”

Humna credits her late father for inspiring her to both run and work for education.


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