Rangers aims at hard targets in Karachi, vows no mercyRangers in Karachi have taken aim at high-profile targets in the next phase of an ongoing operation in the metropolis,

“In the next phase of Karachi operation, terrorists, contract killers and their facilitators involved in the attacks on law enforcement agencies’ personnel especially policemen, lawyers and witnesses, will be arrested,” Pakistan Rangers, Sindh said in a statement releases here.

In the same handout, Rangers has also appealed to the people, if they notice anything that is against the law, to waste no time in contacting Rangers at their Helpline 1101 through SMS/Calls or by email.

Pakistan’s economic hub Karachi is frequently hit by Islamist, political and ethnic violence.

Paramilitary forces began a sweeping crackdown on alleged militants in the city in 2013 that has led to substantial drop in overall levels of violence.

But rights groups have accused police and paramilitary troops of carrying out extrajudicial killings in staged gunfights.