Bilawal directs party to move resolutions against Shiv Sena

Bilawal directs party to move resolutions against Shiv Sena PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday issued directives to the Parliamentary leaders of Pakistan People’s Party in the Senate, National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and Azad Jammu & Kashmir Assembly to move resolutions “condemning threats by Shiv Sena terrorists to Pakistan and its citizens, burning of Dalit children in India.

The PPP head also urged his party to condemn insulting remarks by Indian Minister and former COAS VK Singh against Dalit children besides asking the world to take notice of belligerent posture”.

It may be recalled that repeated threats were mounted against the Pakistani citizens including Ghazal Maestro Ghulam Ali, Pakistani actors and Pakistan Cricket Board officials visiting India.

In a gory incident, two Dalit children were burnt alive by Shiv Sena supporters in India’s Faridabad city provoking a worldwide condemnation.

Indian State Minister and former Chief of Army Staff of India Gen (retired)RK singh, while reacting to the incident, had stated “if a dog is stoned, don’t blame (BJP) government”. This statement provoked human rights activists across the globe.

PPP’s Parliamentary leaders will move such resolutions in their respective elected houses.


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