Paris street ‘named’ after slain Pakistani journalist

Paris street ‘named’ after slain Pakistani journalist The street that houses the Pakistani embassy in Paris was rena­med in honour of slain Pak­istani journalist Syed Saleem Shehzad in a unique form of protest to mark the Inter­national Day to End Im­punity Against Journalists.

Reporters Sans Frontie­res, a global watchdog for press freedom, on Monday renamed 12 Parisian streets after journalists who have been murdered, tortured or disappeared around the world.

In a statement on their website, RSF explained the purpose of this activity: “The embassy addresses have been changed to draw attention to the failure of these countries to take action and to remind them of their obligation to do whatever is needed to bring those responsible for these crimes to justice.”

In a statement, the Pakis­tan-based Freedom Network (FN) praised the move, saying, “persistent advocacy will go a long way to keep the flame of fighting impunity [alive] in Pakistan”.


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