Ghulam Ali’s concert in New Delhi cancelled

Ghulam Ali’s concert in New Delhi cancelledhazal night concert of Legendary Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali has been cancelled once again over Shiv Sena’s extremism came into the way in New Delhi.

According to details, the concert was due on October 9 at Mumbai’s Shanmukhananda Hall it was to be a tribute to Jagjit Singh on his fourth death anniversary.

It is the 2nd time in one month that his concert has been cancelled in India, first it was cancelled in Mumbai and now it has been cancelled in New Delhi.

According to Indian Media Ghulam do not want to perform in the concer while son of Ghulam Ali has revealed that Legend will not perform in the concert due to extremism of Shiv Sena.

Earlier Extremist Hindu party Shiv Sena threatened to cancel Ghulam Ali’s concert in New Delhi, a deed in which the extremist party suceeded as the authorities caved in later.

The supporters of Shiv Sena while protesting stated that they don’t want to build any cultural bond with Pakistan. They said that strict action would be taken if Pakistani singer performs in the concert.

“Your soldiers and civilians are being killed on the border. We will not allow Pakistanis to come and perform on our soil,” Chitrapat Sena Akshay Badrapurkar, who led a delegation to the hall, said. They threatened to launch a “Sena-style” protest if their demand was not met.

Later, Ghulam Ali, in an interview to NDTV, said that he was not angry, but very hurt.


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