I feel he knew his time was up, says Junaid Jamshed’s son

Junaid Jamshed’s tragic passing was a shock to the nation.

While fans and friends uploaded pictures and videos with and of him as treasured memories, his son Taimur Junaid just shared a stirring testimonial of his father.

He remembered him not as a singer, evangelist, or business magnate, but as a family man.

“To me my dad was just my dad,” he wrote. “Everytime he came home we all got excited and would run from our rooms to meet him. At the end of the day we would get on with our thing. Because he was just our baba and we knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Milna hoga, baat karni hogi he’s there, just like a dad would be for his kids.”

He fondly remembers his father’s concern for other people.

“People from around the world came for his janaza and explained he would keep in touch with everyone. He would call them, message them, be concerned for them. It was because he was always busy reminding everyone he knew that he was thinking of them and praying for them.”

The outpouring of love told Taimur that JJ may have been his father but “he was family and someone special to just about everyone.”


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