Two child domestic workers killed, 65 subjected to torture in Punjab: report

At least 65 child domestic workers were subjected to brutal torture across Punjab in past two years.

According to a report, girls were victims in 99 percent of cases whereas abuse against domestic servants witnessed rise.

Lahore topped the list where two children were tortured to death by their mistresses and an overall of 20 cases were registered.
Regrettably, affluent culprits went unpunished owing to absence of proper legislation.

Torture cases were reported in provincial capital’s Defence, Gulberg and Johar Town areas where elite, and educated class resides.

According to data 27 FIRs were formally lodged across Punjab pertaining to abuse against domestic workers whereas 38 cases went overlooked.

Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPMB) Chairperson Saba Sadiq deplores the fact that this appalling crimes is being done by elite and educated class.

According to the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) survey conducted in 2012, 12.5 million children in Pakistan are involved in child labour among which, 264,000 are employed as domestic servants, as per ILO’s 2004 report.

As data has not been updated in recent years, it can be assumed that the numbers are much today.

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