Imam to offer call to prayer at Donald Trump’s inaugural event

An imam will give the call to prayer at an interfaith service on Saturday to mark US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

According to the inaugural committee, Imam Mohammad Magid of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Centre (ADAMS) will give the Muslim call for prayer at the Washington National Cathedral, a day after Trump’s oath-taking ceremony on Friday.

The Imam will be joining 26 other scholars at the National Prayer Service who will offer prayers and read from Scriptures.

The ADAMS Centre has been praised by the FBI  “for their leadership role in building partnerships between law enforcement and the Muslim community to enhance mutual cooperation and public safety.”

Magid has worked to rehabilitate Muslim youth recruited by militant groups such as the Islamic State.

Trump, who earlier called for an end on all Muslim immigration to the US, declared himself a fierce opponent of “radical Islam”. Consequently, his policies have received criticism by Muslim groups who believe he is playing into the anti-Muslim rhetoric.


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