Momina Mustehsan blasts breakup rumours: ‘Stop selling my personal life for clicks’

Last night, a new Momina Mustehsan rumour was circling the internet.

It was said that the popular singer has broken off her engagement with fiance Ali Naqvi, just four months after they swapped rings in September. Soon enough, her legion of male fans began to rejoice about her alleged singlehood.

But the ‘Afreen’ singer has just come out with a statement, blasting the websites and social media pages that published the rumour.

In a Facebook post, she asks followers and publishers of news sites and social media pages to respect her personal space, “Just like everyone, I have a personal life that I have every right to keep to myself. Please don’t turn it into a joke and a source of entertainment.”

While she refrained from commenting on the veracity of the rumours, she urged publications to “stop selling my personal life for clicks and views.”

Guess Momina’s just witnessed the dark side of celebrity. We hope her fandom heeds her plea for privacy.


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