Probe ordered into ‘towel, surgical items left inside woman’

Deputy Commissioner Amer Ijaz Akbar on Sunday directed Kamalia Assistant Commissioner Khalid Mahmood to probe into the allegations of a woman against a private doctor of Kamalia.

A 25-year-old woman had accused Dr Shaukat Ali of causing her a serious illness by forgetting a small towel, a stitching needle and other surgical instruments inside her abdomen during her cesarean section six months ago.

Complainant Iram Liaquat of Chak 712-GB claimed that after the surgery she felt severe pain for several weeks, went back to Dr Ali who gave her pain killers and finally operated upon her after four months. He also told her she had developed TB and gave her medicines for it.

She further said that she went back to his clinic two months later when he referred her to Faisalabad’s Allied Hospital, but doctors there refused to admit her. She then went to a private doctor in Sahiwal who revealed after an ultrasound that there was a towel and other surgical items inside her abdomen. The doctor told her that a costly surgery was needed to remove the items and if it failed, she could lose her life too.

Iram claimed that she again contacted Dr Ali who promised to pay for her treatment in exchange for her silence about the incident. She demanded an inquiry and action against the doctor and requested for treatment from expert surgeons to save her life.

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