Ayesha Omar, Qurram Hussain to shake a leg in new song ‘Turn up the Music, Mr DJ’


2017 just got a whole lot better for those who enjoyedCornetto Pop Rock last year. Qurram Hussain – one half of the popular Canadian bhangra duo Josh – will soon be ringing in its second season with yet another upbeat track, Turn up the Music, Mr DJ.

A grand event will be held in Karachi on Saturday to launch the promo of the new season. According to reports, Cornetto Pop Rock will release six music videos this year and Turn up the Music, Mr DJ will be just one of those that Hussain features in. There is also much speculation that the musician will be performing a duet with another female singer but the news is yet to be confirmed.

The video for Turn up the Music, Mr DJ includes a star-studded cast, with renowned choreographer Hasan Rizvi and actor Ayesha Omar joining Hussain. It is currently being shot with a large group of dancers in Karachi, with Karachi Se Lahore and Lahore Se Aagey film-maker Wajahat Rauf in the director’s seat.

Hussain spoke of the upcoming song over social media, admitting that it was not easy keeping up with Omar and Rizvi when it came to learning the dances. “But I was in it to win it,” he wrote.

The singer also hopes Turn up the Music, Mr DJ will follow in the footsteps of last year’s Desan Da Raja (Soni Kuri), which featured Komal Rizvi and went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year. In fact, the hit wedding number even won the Google Award for being the fourth most watched YouTube video in Pakistan for 2016.


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