‘Did not expect Pak govt to behave so harshly’: Sharbat Gula

National Geographic’s famed ‘Afghan Girl’ Sharbat Gula, who was deported to Afghanistan from Pakistan last year after being jailed for ‘forging’ an ID card, said in an exclusive interview with BBC that she was taken aback by the treatment meted out to her by the Pakistani government.

“I had lived for 35 years in Pakistan. It was a very good life. I did not expect the government to behave so harshly and put me behind bars,” Gula said.

Her time in Pakistan was not all roses. “We were facing a lot of problems. We were refugees in someone else’s country. My husband and eldest daughter died of Hepatitis C.”

“Now I have come to my homeland and I am very happy. President Ashraf Ghani, former president Hamid Karzai and all the Afghans helped me.”

Speaking about whether she would have done anything differently if given the choice, she said, “If I could go back to being 10 again, I would have studied. I wouldn’t have married at 13.”

At first, she said, the famed National Geographic cover photo “created more problems than benefits”.

“It made me famous but also led to my imprisonment. After all these problems, I want to establish a non-governmental organisation to offer people free medical treatment. Before this, I was a villager. I did not like the photo and the media. Now I am very happy that it gave me honour and made me popular among people. The income from the photo has helped a lot of widows and orphans. Now I am proud of it.”

“I want peace and I pray to God no one is forced to leave their country and become a refugee,” she said.


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