Indian security forces kill two suspected separatists in India-held Kashmir

Two suspected separatists were killed Saturday in India-held Kashmir in a firefight that broke out when Indian security forces intercepted a vehicle they were travelling in, Indian police claimed.

“We had information that the militants were travelling toward the city of Srinagar,” claimed Superintendent of Police Imtiyaz Hussain.

“We intercepted their vehicle near Sopore on the main highway. They lobbed grenades at the forces and were killed in retaliatory fire,” Hussain alleged further.

Two police officers, including member of a special anti-militancy group, were injured, Hussain added.

Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan since they won independence from Britain in 1947. Both claim the Himalayan territory in its entirety.

Several separatists groups have for decades fought the 500,000 Indian troops deployed in the region, demanding independence or a merger of the territory with Pakistan.

The fighting has left tens of thousands, mostly civilians, dead.


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