Afghan consulate official shot, killed by guard in Karachi

An Afghan diplomat was fatally shot by a private security guard in Karachi’s Old Clifton area on Monday.

The guard opened fire on the third secretary, Muhammad Zaki, in the lobby of the Afghan consulate after a personal disagreement arose between the two men, according to the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South Azad Khan.

“The guard, Rehmat Ullah, opened fire on a junior diplomat Muhammad Zaki Uro, killing him on the spot and wounding another consulate official,” the DIG told AFP.

Rangers and a heavy police contingent surrounded the consulate immediately after the attack amid fears of a possible terror attack.

However, “there was nothing of the sort and it seems the guard had some sort of personal grudge with the diplomat,” Khan said.

Rangers and police at the site of the incident. ─ DawnNews
Rangers and police at the site of the incident.

The guard was taken into custody following the incident and the situation is said to be under control.

Following the incident, police and Rangers had cordoned off the highly sensitive area which is home to a number of foreign missions. The missions of Indonesia, the United Kingdom and France are nearby.

“We are collecting evidence and will obtain CCTV footage in order to investigate the incident,” the DIG said, adding that the consulate had been cleared.


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