Kajol believes viewers’ interest have made female fronted films possible

Kajol believes viewers' interest have made female fronted films possibleFemale-fronted films are finally doing well and Kajol wants to thank the audience for making it possible.

The actor, whose film Helicopter Eela is out in cinemas, spoke about the dynamic shift in cinema where more genres have entered Bollywood and it’s no longer all about star power.

Speaking to PTI, Kajol said that producers initially wouldn’t be keen on films with female protagonists as they worried about box office ratings.

“I think the talk about it right now is because it’s finally become financially viable and the numbers are coming in. I think that’s the main difference. Such films were always being made but they were not doing well as other films were or maybe the ratio was much less. The ratio and the numbers are adding up now,” said the actor.

Kajol credits the viewers for this change.

“I thank our audiences for changing the mindset and deciding they want to watch every kind of film. Finally, it has become financially viable to even think of projects that don’t have big superstars in them.”

Kajol believes that a good film can have a strong character irrespective of gender and that is where cinema is headed off to.

“If you look at the best directors, I’m not talking about movies but directors, all of them have had very strong characters, very strong female characters in their films. I think every character of theirs has been well rounded and so I think that’s the most important point that we need to take home with us.”

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